Putin threatens «military-technical retaliation»

Russia evidently continues to pull together troops near Ukraine, and tensions in the region are enormous. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin accuses the West of «unfriendly» behavior — and announces reactions.

There is still uncertainty about the motives behind the ongoing Russian troop deployment in the border region with Ukraine . There are now tens of thousands of soldiers in camps in southwest Russia, and an invasion of the neighboring country seems possible.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin is tightening rheotics to the west. At a meeting with representatives of the Russian Army and the Defense Ministry in Moscow, Putin threatened a «military-technical» reaction to the supposedly «unfriendly» behavior of the West.

If the West does not give up its «clearly aggressive stance», «we will take the appropriate military-technical retaliation,» said Putin.

Moscow denies preparations for an invasion and accuses the government in Kiev and NATO of provocations. Putin recently demanded a written declaration from the western alliance on security guarantees and a waiver of eastward expansion.

Top NATO commander calls for reinforcements on the eastern border

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently rejected Russia’s request to rule out a possible accession of Ukraine to the military alliance . «We will not compromise when it comes to Ukraine’s right to choose its own path,» said Stoltenberg.

In view of the Russian march, however, the top NATO commander recently warned that his own troops should be strengthened on the eastern border of the Alliance.